Family tradition

Haldimann is the oldest watch manufacturer of Switzerland led and owned by the name-giving family. Haldimann Horology pursuits longterm ideals. Their independence and autonomy serve as key prerequisites. Unhindered creativity as well as the highest quality standards and complete in-house production have been the characteristics of each Haldimann watch and movement over centuries.

1374 Heinrich Haldemann, member of the council
of Winterthur
Recorded in the register of Winterthur from 1374.
Progenitor of Haldimann and Haldimand lines
  Son Hänsli Haldemann, Horbengut Farm, Eggiwil (Bern)
in the Emmental Valley
1424 First recorded entry in the “Tell Book” of the city of Bern
1444 Citizenship of the city of Bern
1642 Purchase agreement
Ulrich and Hans Haldimann, father and son, in Horben
Hans Haldimann watchmaker in Horben
  Heinrich Haldemann, Hänsli Haldemann
Ulrich Haldimann, Hans Haldimann
his brother, the progenitor of the Le Locle line
Niklaus Haldimann
1735 Hans Haldimann zur Schwendimatt
Progenitor of the Bowil line
1765 Ulrich Haldimann
1806 Peter Haldimann
1837 Johannes Haldimann
1878 Christian Haldimann
1902 Christen Haldimann
1937 Werner Haldimann, father
1964 Beat Haldimann
1989 Natalie Xenia Haldimann, daughter
1998 Niklaus Anton Haldimann, son
2000 Iris Olga Haldimann, daughter
  Genealogical research
Hans Haldemann, Dr. phil. from Boll, Switzerland